The V2V Partner Consultants Program presents its first four Certified Consultants

Giuliana, Inma, Marcio and Roberta, experienced consultants in Corporate Volunteering, participated in the General Webinars on the v2v platform and also in the series of five technical meetings to know more details of each functionality.

Having successfully answered all the evaluation Quizzes and signed the Contracts, they received the first v2v Certificates, with which we verified their competence to advise companies on the use of our mobilization, engagement and volunteer management platform. They may also use the identification badge on their websites, blogs, cards and other communication materials.

We invite you to know each one of them better, their training, experience and performance. When you need a consultant, rely on them.

Another group of professionals who participated in one or more meetings are the so-called Partner Consultants v2v. Soon we will share more news about this second team. Wait for that!


Giuliana Preziosi

Giuliana holds a bachelor’s degree in Social Communication from Mackenzie University San Paulo, a specialization in Strategic Planning at the University of California in Berkeley and an MBA in Sustainability Management from Fundação Getúlio Vargas. She has been working with Sustainability for more than 14 years. She coordinated the Sustainability Area at the Bradesco Bank and at Arno (SEB Groupe), worked in the creation of the Social Responsibility Area. Specialized in engagement, she created and coordinated the volunteer programs for both companies. Besides monitoring and analyzing social projects, developing relationship strategies with stakeholders and managing indexes and market indicators. Co-founder of the Brazilian Business Volunteering Council (CBVE) and a current organizing member of the Study Group for Corporate Volunteerism (GEVE). She was the host of the tv show called “Conexão do Bem” at Cidade TV. Certified by MITx (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) as Theory U facilitator. Trainer qualified by T Harv Eker’s Train the Trainer Program. Creator of the website Histórias pelo Mundo, she travelled around the world for 530 days, visiting NGOs, companies, schools and social projects in different countries. Participated in major National and International UN Conferences. She is a consulting partner in Conexão Trabalho Consulting Firm, professional speaker and writes articles for Plurale Magazine.

Arteris, Bradesco, CNI, Endered, Fundação Itaú Social, Fundação Nestlé Brasil, Grupo Águia Branca, Hospital Infantil Sabará, Instituto Bancorbrás, Instituto BM&F BOVESPA, Pernambucanas, Sescoop, Zoom, Education for Life.

Inma Rodriguez

Managing Partner of Sinapse Sustainability Consulting Psychologist graduated from PUC - São Paulo and postgraduate in Environmental Education, she has been working for more than 15 years in the area of Social Responsibility, Volunteering and Sustainability, elaborating and managing social programs for national and international companies. Specialist in Training of Volunteer Committees and in the development of Gincanas - Social technology. Speaker, with several publications in the area of volunteering.

HSBC, Bradesco, Fundação Bradesco, BRF, Grupo Positivo, MSD Farmacéutica, Furnas, John Deere, Global Communities, Instituto Intercement, Sabesp.

Márcio Fernando dos Reis

Bachelor of Sciences in Accounting from University Center Newton Paiva, with an MBA in Financial Management and Controlling from FGV in partnership with Ohio University, Managing Partner of the Creditar Institute for Social and Environmental Education. University Professor, he works in lectures, trainings and consultancies in the areas of Management for Sustainability, Business Volunteering, Management for the Third Sector and in the Analysis and Measurement of Results and Impacts of Socio-Environmental Projects. He developed the Indicators Matrix for Management of Corporate Volunteering, a tool that allows self-diagnosis of the management of the volunteer program with the ODS - Sustainable Development Objectives. He is part of the Uniethos / Ethos Consultants Group and serves companies such as: Itaipu Binacional, CEMIG, Invepar Group, MRN, Petrobras, FIEMG, SESI, CBVE, Minas Gerais Intersectoral Alliances Center, Minas Gerais Government, among others.

Itaipu Binacional, CEMIG, Grupo Invepar, MRN, Petrobras, FIEMG, SESI, CBVE, Centro Mineiro de Alianças Intersetoriais - CeMAIS, Grupo Tenco, Plansis, Governo de Minas.

Roberta Rossi

Roberta Rossi holds a law degree, postgraduate degree in marketing and an specialization in corporate social responsibility. Partner at Conexão Trabalho, consulting specialized in innovation and social projects. Responsible for the themes of social investment and corporative volunteering. She was a volunteer business coordinator at Centro de Voluntariado de São Paulo (São Paulo Volunteer Center). Has experience as a consultant in several volunteer programs in Brazil, such as Fundação Itaú Social, Bradesco, Nestlé, FIAT, Cargill, among others. Co-author of the book Corporate Volunteering - Strategies for Implementation of Efficient Programs. Professor of the subject Volunteer Management in the course Management of Organizations of the Third Sector (GVPEC) of the Fundação Getúlio Vargas - FGV. She is an organizing member of the Business Volunteer Studies Group.

Arteris, Bradesco, CNI, Endered, Fundação Itaú Social, Fundação Nestlé Brasil, Grupo Águia Branca, Hospital Infantil Sabará, Instituto Bancorbrás, Instituto BM&F BOVESPA, Pernambucanas, Sescoop, Zoom Education for Life.